FITOutfit's Jerilyn Jones: Always Moving My Perspective

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Meet Jerilyn Jones from FITOutfit. She wrote this incredible piece on her perspective of our motto, “Always Moving”. Check out her post blow, follow her here, and enter for a chance to win an outfit (Reva Wear's Inspire Me Jacket, Challenge Me Long Sleeve Tee, Vitality Capri) from Reva Wear through FITOutfit here.

Always Moving My Perspective

I'm an athlete. At least I used to be and that mentality never goes away. I pretty much think I'm only a few workouts from getting back “in shape”, but the reality is things aren't quite what they used to be and I have to adjust. My knees don't like running anymore and my body is one year older than it was last year. Don't get me wrong, I'm doing pretty good for my age, but there's always something in me that thinks I might be able to hang with the high school track team. I'm healthy and overall happy – could definitely go for a nap right now, but I'm good.

That's the end of the narrative I have with myself every once in a while. When life has gotten in the way and I have to start the dreaded journey of getting back in shape.  I work a demanding job that sometimes requires travel and ridiculous hours.  I mean like, 14-15 hours a day during the busy season!  It's not for everyone and when I'm on hour 12 of the 15 hour day, I wonder why I keep doing this to myself. Why can't I just have a regular 9-5 and go home after work like everyone else?  Then I realize that way of living is the thing I've spent most of my adult life trying to avoid.  Normalcy equals boring and boring equals uninterested and unmotivated.  The kiss of death for me.  So I choose a life that makes staying consistently active a challenge.
Reva Wear, Always Moving, Jerilyn Jones, FITOutfit

On top of all of that, I decided to start FITOutfit.com. Started out as just a fun instagram page, but made things official last fall and launched my website!  We repost the #fitoutfit of the day, attend industry events and continue to add features regularly.  Exciting and fun, but adds another layer to my struggle to stay active.

Being active to me is important for all the typical reasons.  Health, wellbeing, etc., but as a former athlete I've had to find new ways to challenge myself as running and going to the gym just don't do it for me anymore.  Most importantly, I don't always have the time.  Time is what I lack the most so I've learned to make the best of my limited time.  Trying different workouts and switching things up.  Running and my knees have not gotten along for the last couple years so I finally gave in and decided to try jump roping.  Jumping rope is just as effective and my knees like me again!!
Reva Wear, Always Moving, Jerilyn Jones, FITOutfit

Have never been a fan of stretching pre or post workout so decided to take up yoga.  It has hands down been one of my best decisions.  My body now craves yoga and it's an amazing workout that can be done with limited time.  The mental benefits are what truly set yoga apart.  Yoga has taught me to look to at any challenge life brings your way with a new perspective.  Time is indeed limited, but we have the ability to change our perspective on what we think is a lack of to enough of.  We have enough time to be active.  It may not be the amount of time we want but there's enough.
Reva Wear, Always Moving, Jerilyn Jones, FITOutfit

It's still a struggle to live by those words, but I 've learned to change my perspective from the go all out athlete to the do the best you can with what you have athlete.  If that means a full workout session or taking the stairs instead of the elevator or just parking at the end of the parking lot instead of the first spot then I 'm finding time to be active.  See how that perspective thing works!!

How are you #AlwaysActive?  Tell Jerilyn on Instagram here.
Note:  This post was originally posted on FITOutfit.com.

Mar 18, 2016

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