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At Reva Wear we’re inspired by you and your voice. We’ve decided to feature individuals whose voice has made an impact on us and an impact on the people around them on our blog, with their words, their stories, and their journey to keep always moving.

This is "sweat and style" blogger Jamaica King of rarax3 whose pursuit of happiness has led her to many great places around the world. This is the second installment of three posts from Jamaica so be sure to check back soon for the next post!

In the last few days, I questioned myself many times: What does Always Moving mean to me? After a bout of self reflection, I finally have an answer. 

If you asked my past self this same question, you’d get an entirely different response. That once insecure, unhappy and lost little girl would define Always Moving as any and every way to lose weight. You name it: countless hours in the gym, fad diets, starvation and any method conceivable that promises weight loss.

Reva Wear, Always Moving, rarax3

Looking back at my childhood, I’ve never been the skinny type - curvy with thunder thighs. In fact, I’ve always been the biggest of my social groups (this is still the case to this day). It didn’t use to bother me much until many others around me started calling it out. Albeit good intentions, people said mean comments directly to me like:

  • Your stomach is so big; you look pregnant.
  • Girl, I haven’t seen you in a while, you look so fat now.
  • You need to watch what you eat, you’re getting fat. 

At first it stung. Then after a while, I believed in the comments and took them to heart. Eventually, they along with the emotional distress morphed my innocent and pure mindset into a tragic one.

Year after year, the comments only increased in frequency and vulgarity. Sadly it started with the people dearest to me then strangers started reinforcing the idea. My life evolved into this vicious cycle of attempting to lose weight, losing motivation, binging and gaining more weight. All I lost was time, confidence and hope.

When I hit my heaviest in my early twenties, I realized that it was time for a change and not for others but for myself. I won’t go into the details about what it took to get there for the sake of brevity, but long story short, I learned that everything I was doing was wrong. I finally discovered the feeling of what it takes to truly commit and push myself beyond what I thought my body could do. I started to believe in my body and as a result, fell in love with fitness and an active lifestyle.

So if you ask me today What does Always Moving mean to you?....

Always Moving, Reva Wear

A confident, strong and determined young woman would tell you that Always Moving is about doing whatever it is necessary to push onward - to overcome obstacles and challenges. To me, Always Moving is now about personal growth. It’s about being more physically active, reading more books to better understand the world, traveling to experience a myriad of diverse cultures and improving my attunement with nature. Always Moving is never one thing and sometimes never the same thing; it’s ever-changing and transforming. In a world where so much darkness exists, there’s also bright light ahead. Every day, I’m Always Moving onward to my next adventure.

Jamaica is wearing the Reva Wear Womens Basic Tee in Ocean Blue, Marathon Jacket in Black, and Vitaly Capri Pants in Black

Words by Jamaica King (@rarax3, rarax3.com)
Photos by Lauren Victoria (@pixelfood, pixel-food.net)

Dec 03, 2015

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