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Jamaica King: Always Moving With Purpose

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At Reva Wear we’re inspired by you and your voice. We’ve decided to feature individuals whose voice has made an impact on us and an impact on the people around them on our blog, with their words, their stories, and their journey to keep always moving.

This is "sweat and style" blogger Jamaica King of rarax3 whose pursuit of happiness has led her to many great places around the world. This is the third and final installment of three posts from Jamaica - let us know who we should feature next below!

If you read my previous posts, you should know by now what the phrase always moving means to me and why I keep at it. This is the last installment of my #MovingWithReva series and I want to switch it up a bit. Rather than telling a story about myself, I want to share with you my favorite ways to always keep moving. In no particular order, here they are:

Reva Wear, Always Moving, rarax3

Running with purpose.

What I love most about running and fitness in general is that it’s reciprocal. There are so many things in life that are beyond our control and many times we can invest tons of time and effort into something that may not return anything at all. With running, you can give your entire heart and it will return all the love. Similarly, if you only give a little, you won’t receive much.

Another aspect I appreciate about running is the opportunity to learn new lessons and constantly be challenged. Every run is different but in the end when you run with purpose, it always feels like a step onward, toward something. During a run you’re literally always moving. Even when I wanted to give up during training or races I fought through the pain and broke through that mental wall. Through running I've learned perseverance and how to overcome obstacles. Now when I come across struggles in life, I look back to running as an example of how to push onward, how to keep moving.

Reva Wear, Always Moving, rarax3

Traveling for experiences.

Keeping the mind active is just as important as caring for your physical health. My favorite things about traveling are the people I meet on the journey and experiencing new cultures. It's always fascinating to witness differences across the globe. Traveling is the perfect example of always moving because moving means seeing, and seeing means experiencing.  These experiences provide me with unique perspectives that I can bring into my life and apply. It’s also how I keep my life interesting and a means for motivation to continue to grow myself.

Reva Wear, Always Moving, rarax3

Yoga to find center.

When you’re constantly on the go or always moving, it’s draining over time regardless if you’re physically training, hard at work at your job, on the road with back to back travels or reading. It’s always best to have some sort of way to unwind. For me, that’s yoga. It’s my go to form of relaxation. It’s how I reset my mindset while still moving.

Reva Wear, Always Moving, rarax3

Always moving doesn’t necessarily require big actions or physically draining movements. It can be subtle, simple and even non-physical. Sometimes getting lost in your thoughts can be a form of movement. Although I previously mentioned my three favorite ways to always keep moving, in the end it boils down to moving with purpose. In general, I believe that any movement can be beneficial as long as there is meaningful purpose behind it. Understanding why you do what you do and setting goals will give it more significance. Personally, I run to challenge myself, I travel to learn new things, and I yoga to prevent burnout.

What are your favorite ways to always keep moving? What’s your purpose?

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Words by Jamaica King (@rarax3,
Photos by Lauren Victoria (@pixelfood,

Dec 11, 2015

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