Ellyn Ferriter: Always Moving Anywhere (Part 1)

At Reva Wear we're always inspired by our community so we'd like to introduce you to our friend Ellyn Ferriter who has created a series of three workouts you can do anywhere. Ready to move? Let's go! And be sure to come back on Wednesday for the next work out!

Nowadays we are always on the go in some way. Sometimes we are so on-the-go that we don’t have time to make it to the gym or that fitness class we scheduled a week ago. But being active and working our muscles is vital – we are meant to move. So in this 3-part #AlwaysMovingAnywhere workout series, I hope to give you some ideas of exercises you can do anywhere you find yourself.  Be it the office, your home, or in a hotel, these are all easily done wherever you are since they don’t involve any equipment.  In Part 1, we’ll target the upper body. You can do these 3 on their own, or keep reading to turn them into a great upper body workout.

Wide Arm Push Ups

Reva Wear, Always Moving

Get into a regular push up position with your arms slightly wider than shoulder width, maintaining a strong core and keeping your back flat. From here, lower your chest to the floor.  

Side-Lying Triceps Push Ups

Reva Wear, Always Moving

Lie down on one side, with your bottom arm crossed over your chest, your top arm over it with that hand placed on the floor near your shoulder. Use that arm to push your upper body up off the floor. Try to get that arm as straight as you can (pushing all the way up), squeezing the triceps muscles at the top. 

Single Arm Plank to Down Dog

Reva Wear, Always Moving

Start in a plank on one arm, the other arm crossed behind your back. From here, push through your shoulder into a downward dog position (a pike), engaging your abdominals and pushing your heels to the floor. Now go back down into a plank without letting your other arm touch the floor.

Make It a Workout:

AMRAP style workouts are one of my favorites because you get a lot of bang for your buck in a quick amount of time.  (AMRAP = as many rounds as possible.)  Turn these 3 moves into a 5-minute AMRAP workout to really work those arms.  Here’s the breakdown:

5-Minute Upper Body AMRAP Workout

Set your timer for 5 minutes and do each exercise for 10 reps.

For the triceps push ups and single arm plank to down dog, do 10 reps on each arm.  See how many rounds you can get through before the 5 minutes are up!  

Remember, there are always ways to add movement to your day however busy it may be.  I hope this post gives you some ideas of upper body exercises you can keep in your do-anywhere fitness arsenal.  Now go move your body!


Ellyn is an ACE-certified group fitness instructor, health educator, and fitness blogger living in upstate NY.  She is passionate about empowering others to live healthier, more confident lives by making fitness fun and enjoyable.  To connect with Ellyn and learn more about her, visit her blog, In Fitness and In Health (www.infitinhealth.com), and follow her on social media at @infitinhealth.

Mar 01, 2016

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