Ellyn Ferriter: Always Moving Anywhere (Part 2)

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At Reva Wear we're always inspired by our community so we'd like to introduce you to our friend Ellyn Ferriter who has created a series of three workouts you can do anywhere. Ready to move? Let's go! And be sure to come back on Monday for the last work out! Missed the first workout? Read here

In part 1 of the #AlwaysMovingAnywhere series, I gave you 3 upper body exercises you can do anywhere you find yourself.  Part 2 of this series is focused on our abs.  We all love to work the abdominals, and there are plenty of moves you can do without equipment that really work ‘em.  Keep reading for details of today’s 3 exercises and how to turn them into a full abdominal workout.

PlankReva WearGet into a low plank on your forearms, shoulders over wrists, and abs engaged.  (Think about pulling your belly button in toward your spine.)  Hold this position, focusing on keeping your spine in a straight line (not sinking in the shoulders or piking up with the hips).

In & Outs

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Start lying on the floor face up, upper body propped up on your forearms, legs extended out straight, feet hovering over the floor.  From here, bring your chest up and knees in to meet in the middle, keeping your hands planted.   Extend back out to starting position, keeping your feet off the floor the whole time.

Knee Press + Pulse + Hold

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Lie down on your back, knees bent to 90˚, feet flexed, with your hands placed on top of your knees.  Lift your upper body slightly off the floor to engage the abs.  Now press your hands into your knees and knees back into your hands to engage the abs even more.  (Note: this is a small movement.  Really all you’re doing is squeezing your abs here, and your upper body and legs stay stationary.)  Once you’re done with the presses, pulse the movement (tiny quick presses), then hold the press so your abs stay engaged.

Make It A Workout: 

In part 1 of this series, we did an AMRAP style workout where you did as many rounds as you could do for 5 minutes.  In part 2, I’m giving you a circuit style workout where you’ll rotate through these 3 exercises, staying on each one for 1 minute for 3 rounds total.  Here’s the format:

9-Minute Abs & Core Circuit Workout (3 Rounds Total)

1 minute – hold a low plank

1 minute – in & outs

1 minute – 10 knee presses, 10 pulses, 10-second hold, repeat twice

Repeat 3 times through

Feel free to modify the number of rounds to suit your needs.  Less if you have less time or want a lower intensity workout, or increase the rounds if you want to amp up the ab intensity.  Enjoy!


Ellyn is an ACE-certified group fitness instructor, health educator, and fitness blogger living in upstate NY.  She is passionate about empowering others to live healthier, more confident lives by making fitness fun and enjoyable.  To connect with Ellyn and learn more about her, visit her blog, In Fitness and In Health (www.infitinhealth.com) and follow her on social media at @infitinhealth.


Mar 04, 2016

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