A Note From Delton Thaiphoon Kaufmann, Jiu Jitsu World Competition Champion

I started basic jiu jitsu at 2 years old my dad taught me arm bar, key lock, rear naked choke I worked on those basics along with freestyle wrestling, and kickboxing then at eight I asked my parents if I could start competing so my dad knowing the owners of power MMA I started there about 2 years ago.
I don't know exactly what would be the hardest part but understanding that it's a sport that is something you continuously have to train hard and evolve is probably one of the hard pieces.
My training for each or my events never really trains the only thing that seams to change is weight classes etc so sometimes my diet is much cleaner then other times.
Winning Gold always feels amazing but winning my first national championship I was super excited I just remember jumping up and down a few times.
When I won the world championship I just felt like I've been blessed and it's what I train to do and it's my job to win because I put the work in.

I Am "Me" from Metal Mantis on Vimeo

I just want young people to understand that it's not about being the best fighter or martial artist for everyone but if you are going to do it work hard and enjoy it with respect.
This next year I have big outlooks I honestly want to go undefeated in 2017 just like I did in 2016
I feel like I've built a name and plenty should be coming for me.  My father always says it's special to get to the top but harder to stay there.
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Dec 12, 2016

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