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Celebrities and Campaigns Who Are Inspiring Body Positivity

It's no secret social media has a huge affect on how we perceive our self worth, particularly when it comes to our bodies. We constantly compare ourselves to those who are fit FOR A LIVING. However, there's been quite a few social media campaigns and celebrities that have inspired the world to love yourself the way you are because everyone's definition of health and fitness is different. 

Dove's Real Beauty Campaign

Here at Reva, we support a health and fitness routine that works for you. 

Below, the most inspiring people and campaigns that have showed that bodies can't be made with a cookie cutter. 

Iskra Lawrence

You might recognize her as a featured face at Self Magazine, where she contributes regularly, and is currently the face of the fitness magazine's New Year's Challenge. She's also an editor at Runway Riot, which produces content for all women to feel beautiful. 

Ashley Graham

Graham might be one of the most highly sought-after models of the moment. Not only did she most recently appear in DNCE's music video for "Toothbrush," but she's also been spreading the message about body positivity through her TEDx Talk “Plus Size? More Like My Size," and by speaking at high schools and various girls' groups. 

Dove "Real Beauty" Campaign

We can owe much of today's body positivity to this long-lasting campaign by Dove. The campaign, which features women of all shapes, sizes and ages, can pretty much be identified all over the world for changing the game when it comes to the beauty industry.

Harvard Women's Rugby Team

If there's one thing we know about rugby, it's that it takes some serious strength, so the women's rugby team at Harvard wanted to prove that they're not to be messed with. So, the team members decided to write positive adjectives over each other's bodies and post the photos on their blog, called Rugged Grace.

 What are your favorite people and campaigns inspiring body positivity? 


Jan 26, 2017

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