Here are the fitness trends of 2017 to watch out for

The new year's under way and you've probably already bought your workout gear (hopefully from Reva!), so it only makes sense that you know what's going on when it comes to health in 2017. 

And if you haven't bought your workout gear yet...we've got everything you need!

Recently, the American Council on Exercise released a report detailing all the 2017 fitness trends to know about, and we're here to give you the Sparknotes version for your convenience. This year, it's all about doing what works for YOU. Not what's cool or what the celebrities are doing. Because that's just not real life. 

From moving to a transportation and walking-friendly city to heading to your favorite trainers' social accounts to workout, here's the fitness forecast for this year.

1. Foregoing Vehicles

More millennials prefer to walk everywhere they go, and sure enough, it's one of the best ways to stay fit without really trying. So watch out for more people moving to your city if it's walking friendly. 

2. Gyms Offering Equipment Used by Pro Sports Leagues

Your local gym might try to offer professional-grade services and products this year, meaning you'll get a legit workout. Word on the street is that some gyms may even partner with local pro teams.

3. Live Workout Videos

While The Daily Burn already offers live, instructor-led classes, the video-on-demand trend is going to become ubiquitous this year.  

4. Boutique Studios at Your Local Gym

It's no secret that boutique gyms have taken away a ton of business from local gyms, so many gyms are renovating their spaces to create that boutique feel for group classes to get your business back. 

5. The New Bodybuilding

Say goodbye to the recent, overdone days of bodybuilding. New classes are focusing on the classic physique -- minus the extra supplements. 

6. Machine-Based Circuit Training

High intensity works for younger people, but for the Baby Boomer generation, it's not always the best option, so more health clubs are offering machine-based circuit training to give older people the same high intensity experience without the pain. 

7. Fitness Trackers To Lower Your Insurance

You use your fitness tracker to keep your health goals on track, but this year it can help you lower your insurance bill

8. Fitness Studio Revolution

This year, large health clubs will expand into new cities, and smaller boutique studios will find their way to smaller markets. 

9. Fitness Equipment Vendor Shifts

You'll see a different lineup of vendors at trade shows this year because some companies are purchasing fitness equipment brands. 

10. Social Media Workouts

Some of your favorite trainers already promote themselves extensively on social media and even offer some mini routines online, but this year you'll see even more trainers create revenue through Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. 

 What trend surprised you the most? 

Jan 19, 2017

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