Always Moving.

ALWAYS MOVING Our mission begins with the kids.

We believe that providing children

access to sports is important.

Reference: Aspen Institute

So important that we created an initiative called
“Always Moving” that supports kids who want to
participate in sports.

 The “Always Moving” movement by Reva Wear began as part of the overall mission to keep our growing community active. We are the fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers to today’s youth and we recognize that kids need to stay active.

The only obstacles we want kids to face is their next challenge.

Reference: Aspen Institute

We aim to empower the next generation of athletes through distinctive grants and support, providing children with greater access to sports through donating Reva Wear products or by collaborating with local partners to provide service to the kids.

Reference: Aspen Institute

We’re currently developing projects under the Always Moving
movement to keep the youth engaged with sports.

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If you have a team or project that you’d like Reva Wear to support please contact us at to be a part of the conversation.