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TECHNOLOGY We move within simplicity.


We’re are on a never-ending quest towards something better. Our mission is to design and craft clean, modern, minimalist activewear that protect our customers from the elements while maintaining a high standard of aesthetics.


Performance, to us, is where innovation meets versatility – to keep you always moving effortlessly and protect relentlessly. It also needs to stand the test of time, both physically and aesthetically. We challenge the idea that performance needs to look technical.


We continuously research and develop the most advanced fabrics and manufacturing techniques available. Our fabrics are groundbreaking, versatile, durable and a complete pleasure to handle and wear. From fiber blends to precision cutting, every step in our production process plays a critical role in refining our products capabilities – and we build, test, listen to your feedback and improve continuously.

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Run With Me / Black

$65.00 + Colors

Challenge Me / Turquoise

$35.00 + Colors

Vitality / Black

$60.00 + Colors

Inspire Me / Grey

$65.00 + Colors

Challenge Me / Light Blue

$30.00 + Colors

Challenge Me / Green

$30.00 + Colors

Marathon / Black

$80.00 + Colors

Challenge Me / Grey

$35.00 + Colors

Empower Me / Red

$55.00 + Colors

Challenge Me / Bright Pink

$30.00 + Colors

Challenge Me / Pastel Green

$35.00 + Colors

Fierce Me / Rome Stripe

$55.00 + Colors